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Why choose Damon?

  • Started MTR over 6 years ago and has tutored over 200 students one-on-one
  • Formal teaching experience at the high school and college level 
  • Truly cares about each student and is grateful for the opportunity to work with them

How does the tutoring work?

  • Damon tutors at your home or an agreed upon location (library, coffee shop, etc.)
  • The first session is half price to see if the tutoring is a good fit
  • After the first session, costs range from $50 to $60 per hour depending on availability and/or your location

Damon's Credentials

Graduate Student at UNR

  • MS Statistics and Data Analytics
  • Courses taken:
    • Statistical Learning (STAT 760)
    • Time Series Analysis (STAT 758)
    • Multivariate Data Analysis (STAT 755)
    • Abstract Real Analysis (MATH 713)
    • Statistical Theory (STAT 667/467)
    • Intro to Stochastic Processes (STAT 662/462)
    • A First Course in Probability (STAT 661/461)
    • Intro to Bayesian Statistics (MATH 629/429)
  • Graduate teaching assistant
    • Courses as assistant:
      • MATH 127 (S18)
      • MATH 126 (F18)
      • MATH 176 (S19)
    • Courses as primary instructor:
      • MATH 95 (Sum 18)
      • MATH 127 (Wint 19)
      • MATH 126 (Sum 19)

Former High School Math Teacher

  • Courses taught:
    • Algebra 1
    • Algebra 2
    • Pre-calculus
    • AP Calculus

BSBA in Information Systems with a minor in Statistics from UNR

  • Notable math courses taken as undergrad:
    • Statistics: Continuous Methods (STAT 452/652) 
    • Mathematical Modeling (MATH 420/620)
    • Probability and Statistics (STAT 352)
    • Linear Algebra (MATH 330)
    • Intro to Proofs (MATH 301)
    • Differential Equations (MATH 285)
    • Calculus III (MATH 283R)
    • Calculus II (MATH 182)
    • Calculus I (MATH 181)
    • Principles of Statistics I (ECON 261)
    • Principles of Statistics II (ECON 262)

Pursuing an actuarial career

  •  Actuarial exams passed:
    • SOA Exam FM (Financial Mathematics) - score of 8
    • SOA Exam P (Probability) - score of 7


Limited Availability Disclaimer

Damon typically fills his schedule very early in the school year due to returning student priority. He is grateful for his positive reputation in the community and amount of new student requests, but regrets not being able to help everyone that wants a session.

If you have been referred by a past or current student of Damon, please let him know.


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  • Experienced tutors
  • One-on-one teaching
  • We come to your home or can meet at a mutual location
  • Pricing at $50-60/hr
More about Math Tutor Reno, NV
Math Tutor Reno is owned and operated by Damon Lewis. Damon started independently and with rapid success, added more great tutors to the team. Damon knows that students learn in all different ways, and at Math Tutor Reno, our tutors tailor a unique lesson plan for each individual student. Whether the student is struggling in a course or just wants to take their math skills to a higher level, our tutors have the ability to identify problems and weaknesses and restructure the students understanding of the subject. Many times students struggle in high school math because of a simple gap in their learning from elementary or middle school. Unfortunately, students may not have had the best teachers and need to see the material in a new way to be able to understand it better.