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About Damon

  • Damon has taught high school Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus at Excel Christian School
  • Damon has a BSBA in Information Systems with a minor in Statistics from UNR. Notable math courses completed:
    • Statistics: Continuous Methods (STAT 452/652) 
    • Mathematical Modeling (MATH 420/620)
    • Probability and Statistics (STAT 352)
    • Linear Algebra (MATH 330)
    • Intro to Proofs (MATH 301)
    • Differential Equations (MATH 285)
    • Calculus III (MATH 283R)
    • Calculus II (MATH 182)
    • Calculus I (MATH 181)
    • Principles of Statistics I (ECON 261)
    • Principles of Statistics II (ECON 262)
  • Damon is currently pursuing an actuarial career. Notable actuarial exams passed:
    • SOA Exam FM (Financial Mathematics) - score of 8
    • SOA Exam P (Probability) - score of 7

Other Jobs 

Damon also worked for an auto dealer supply company, Samco Wholesale Sales, as a webmaster/ SEO specialist. At Samco, he managed the companies eBay store, and built Samco a second website that specializes in international sales.

Damon was previously a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. His MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) was originally 1371, Combat Engineer, but then midway through his military career, reassigned to 3531, Motor Transportation Operator.

Beyond Work 

Damon is happily married to his wife Kelle. She is a nurse working at Renown in the Trauma ICU

They have two black labs, Lily and Nala.